Monday, July 11, 2005

Reality-Based Arguements?

The rampant rumors of Sen. Clinton running in '08 continue to, rampant. For the time being, she's already using standard democratic lines:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton went on the attack against President Bush in a speech Sunday, accusing him of damaging the economy by overspending while giving tax cuts to the rich. ...

Captain's Quarters rebutts this best:

Hillary appears to have a problem with reality. Unemployment has reached its lowest point in years, down to 5%, lower than the average unemployment rate during her husband's terms in office. The economy continues its strong growth, showing an annual growth rate in GDP for the last two quarters of 3.8%. In fact, the economy has continued to gain so much strength despite the effects of energy-price spikes that the Fed has increased its base lending rate for the ninth time to keep the economy from overheating.

Yup, the democrats continue to use their "reality-based" arguements. The question is what reality are they talking about?


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