Monday, December 05, 2005


The closer I get to my ship date, the more excited I get. There's so much I'm looking forward to that I'll be learning. I've put forth enormous effort to get myself into shape for this with the hope of get excellent PFT scores upon completion of boot and MCT. After discussing it with my wife, we feel that it is completely possible for me to hit a 280...though, I'm hoping for a 300.

My recruiter was talking to me and mentioned a common theme I've heard from other NCO's. There's a lot of respect given to "mustang" officers...those who started off enlisted and became officers later. From my point of view, this is attractive because of the additional experiance and understanding it would give me. If I've been there and understand their point of view, I feel I may be better able to lead those under my charge.

In a purely selfish and boastful note, I would get to wear at least twice the number of medals as most of the other newly commisioned 2nd Lts...


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