Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Dumb debates

I dunno if it's the Marine thing...or just me, but please just say what you mean: Experts Debate Labeling Kids Obese

CHICAGO — Is it OK for doctors and parents to tell children and teens they're fat? That seems to be at the heart of a debate over whether to replace the fuzzy language favored by the U.S. government with the painful truth — telling kids if they're obese or overweight.

he diplomatic approach adopted by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and used by many doctors avoids the word "obese" because of the stigma. The CDC also calls overweight kids "at risk of overweight."

Those favoring a change say the current terms encourage denial of a problem affecting increasing numbers of U.S. youngsters.

Under a proposal studied by a committee of the American Medical Association, the CDC and others, fat children would get the same labels as adults — overweight or obese.

Just say what you mean and mean what you say. Who cares about the "stigma" a word has. It makes the whole world simpler.


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