Sunday, October 07, 2007

Mount Vernon

This Saturday, Sarah and I went to Mount Vernon, Gen. Washington's former home. It was a fascinating look at our early national history. The General's tastes were interesting in that he preferred simple elegance and his farm to any of the glory and honor he earned for himself.

As a new officer, I found his early history particularly interesting. I knew he had served in the French and Indian War, but did not know he had been denied a commission in the British Army. Think of all the difference it would have made if he had received that commission. With my denial of my first attempt at a commission, I empathize with the great disappointment that would have been...but, now see that one disappointment led to an even greater legacy in the founding of a new nation.

In each of our own lives, we see dissappointments and could have/would have if only moments that can haunt us for years. Yet, who is to say these events will make you stronger or lead you down a better path. Perhaps my additional time at OCS made me a better leader (one fellow candidate told me I had become more aggresive). Perhaps my time in Mike Company will better prepare me for the next 6 months. So much can change your life...I just pray that I can make the right decisions in my own life.

Anyway, here's the pretty pictures:
Here's the house from the bowling green. It's a decent sized building.

The veiw of the Potomac from the back porch.

This is a replica of a popular from of transport from the period called a "riding chair." I'd like to think of it as a "sports car."

This was on the working farm portion. It is a replica of a slave quarters. We were told it was a bit larger than the standard.

Here's Sarah taking one of the pictures that probably on her blog by now. Yes, we're weird.


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