Thursday, June 23, 2005

The New Black Lung Disease

In an odd turn in the Formula 1 world, Finnish driver Mika Salo has been found to have large amounts of carbon fiber dust in his lungs.

According to the Finnish media, former F1 driver, has been found to have "large amounts" of carbon fibre dust in his lungs, during a routine medical check-up. Consequently, the FIA is also to examine the former Lotus, Tyrrell, Arrows, Sauber, BAR and Ferrari driver, in order to establish whether other race drivers could be at risk. "There was really a lot of that dust in my lungs," Salo told Ilta-Sanomat. "If I have this much of it, how much will Michael Schumacher, who has driven 10 years longer than me, have?"

Interesting. I guess that means my wife won't let me get those carbon fiber brakes now...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You got that right! No carbon fiber brakes for you!

23 June, 2005 13:21  

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