Friday, June 17, 2005


Excitement! We were at the Formula 1 qualifying today. I forgot how much I love the sound of these cars...and how unbelievably loud they are. Also got to stare at some lovely cars in the parking lot. A Ferrari 360 Spyder was parked within a couple rows as well as a red Lotus Elise. I was shocked at how contoured the Elise is in real life. It doesn't seem as sculpted in pictures I've seen. Anyway, it was definately fun. Here's a couple pics. I want to post more, but my laptop is ultra-slow and I need to get to bed.

We wondered through about 5 different places to get pictures. This is going into the final turn. There was quite a bit of action here as a Ferrari nearly went off...and a BMW Willams did.

This is a group of "US Tifosi." The monkey in their uniform was definately a nice touch. Also note the Porsche Pirelli Supercup car emerging from someone's back.

My wife was taking a lot of pics with the digi cam, while I handled my film camera. I went through 4 rolls, so I'm hoping to post up some of the best shots after I develop ad print them.

Well, I need to goto bed (I'm blogging from the Holiday Inn in Muncie, IN...very exciting) as I've got a long day tommorrow.


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