Tuesday, June 14, 2005

In Response to the Urban Guerrilla Liberation Front

Original "communique" here.

Hello person of the world. This message comes from one who once provided jobs, specifically to put a solid roof over your head. I am here, in plain sight. I am a former business owner. I was born in this land of opportunity, and attempted to work to better myself. Unfortunately, I was not successful. Instead of quiting, I have continued to better myself...to learn, to grow. I have not done so by screaming for entitlement...but by work.

I have chosen a path of freedom and liberation from the oppressive socialist/communist agenda. Without the ability to learn and grow and continue to work to better myself, I would wither and die.

For centuries totalitarian systems have enslaved and oppressed the masses. When a country was founded upon the idea of opportunity for all, it was successful. Now capitalism is threatened by those who thanklessly feed off of it. They scream of the injustice of the system, yet rejoice when injustice is done. They cry of enslavement, but cannot say to whom. They seethe about the lack of rights for the worker, yet do nothing to explore the opportunities as an employer.

Now we stand, continuing business as usual, while a small group of self appointed "revolutionaries" threaten to overthrow the system that has supported them their whole lives. We continue to work, while they rant of the destruction of our home.

It is our responsibility to show them that it is our right to earn that for which we work. It is our responsibility to pull together in the name of business and competition.

We thank those who have built great works with their intellagence and their hands, with their blood and their sweat. You have done well, and we look up to you as an ideal of what we want to do. We will work toward our goals. When we meet them, we will join in compatition. We will fight for the will of the people.

We only require that our government protect the innocent through it's military and police services. We will provide the jobs, the capital, and the products.

We only seek to earn that which we have worked for. The best among us will succeed. We seek a better world through the freedom of opportunity, freedom of thought, and freedom of success.


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