Friday, July 01, 2005

If Only I had 3.3 Million...and My Wife Let Me Spend It....

Then I could buy this:

The new owner of Michael Schumacher's race winning F2004 Ferrari is today feeling a cool $3.3m poorer. Sold at a rare auction in Maranello, the grand prix car won the first five races last year. About 62 per cent of the lots were sold, auction house Sotheby's said, a total of $12 million.

"This was another strong display of the boundless passion for the Prancing Horse brand," said brand development director Giulio Zambeletti in an email statement. He revealed: "The price paid for the (F2004) is a record for a F1 car."

There is, however, a catch:

To protect the car's technological secrets, though, the owner will have to wait until January next year before it can leave Ferrari HQ. He can, though, drive it at Fiorano.

To bad he won't be cruising about town and down the highways with it...


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