Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm getting Deja Vu has a report on a man suing Ford motor company over an engine fire in his garage that resulted in the death of his wife. What makes it interesting is that once, long ago, we had an engine fire in our garage. We had a '89 Ford Aerostar that caught fire due to the insulation near the alternator chaffing off. Two wires touched and shorted. The end result was an overly exciting fire in the garage, discovery that most of the Marthasville Fire Dept. lives within one block of us, and we sold the beast and bought a '97 Toyota Camry. Ford issued a TSB, or technical service bullitin for the issue...but not a recall.

Now, I normally give the benefit of the doubt to the company in our rather litigious society. Especially with so many frivolous lawsuits being thrown around. However, because of my own experiance, I'm definately leaning toward the plantiff in this case.


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