Wednesday, July 27, 2005

It's a Beautiful Day

I did something completely unexpected today. I ran a 24:45 3-mile today (a 27:41 3.3). How did I do this? I credit 3 things. First, this was the most beautiful day today. If the Z was running, I'd pull off the t-tops...if I could spell, I'd keep talking about how nice it is (is it, phonics). Second, I had a week of rest from my runs (friday, I had MEPS as well as monday). Third, I ran into a nice lady and her daughter. She asked what I was training for and when I said that it was for the Marines, she told me "good for you" and then bent down to her daughter (maybe granddaughter) and said, "he's going to be in the Marines." The awed look the little girl gave me suddenly made me understand the gravity of what was just said. In her short time in being a citizen of the United States(she looked to be about 4), she had a full understanding that a Marine is set apart...someone who has gone the extra mile (literally)...someone who has volunteered to put his or her life on the line to protect that little girl. The pride that look gave me caused me to push harder than I have in my 5-months doing my runs. I'll probably feel the pain tommorrow...but then again, pain is just weakness leaving the body.


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