Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ultimate Urban Assult Vehicle

As a fan of the Battletech universe, this caught my fancy. It's an eBay auction for a 'Mech. I suppose licensing it would be a pain, but stomping SUVs into the ground might be kinda fun...


Chassis Type: X (Anthromorphic\Humanoid)
Approx Dimensions: H 18' x W 8.5'
Weight: 3000 lbs ( 1.5 tons )
Power\Drive: 18hp Briggs and Stratton \ Hydraulic Cylinders

A few Features of the NMX04-1A:

* 12 volt electrical system
* Key start ignition
* Lighting system
* 3000psi hydraulic system.
* 40pts of possible movement.
* Clamp styled hands with optional locks for full on crushing or just gentle clasping as full ram extension.
* Weight stabilizers.
* Removable foot plates for increased traction.
* 2 x Flame Throwers, one on each arm.

This prototype is piloted by one person and simple to operate. All controls are within arms reach.


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