Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Renewed Vigor

I went to the doc yesterday and discovered I do indeed have Ilitibial Band Syndrome (a ligament that sits on the outside of the leg from the hip to the knee becomes inflamed). The cure is Prednisone (a steroid to get the inflamation down) and lots of stretching. I'm really hopeful that this will pass quickly and I can get back to my running schedual. I've cut back on my eating to slow any weight gain, and plan on doing some addition non-leg based aerobics to keep my metabolism up and stretch out the ilitibial band.

I took a rest week last week to build back up. This morning I busted out my push-ups and plan on finishing with crunches and pull-ups later today. Although I wasn't selected, I plan on doing my best to prepare for boot. My current goal is to try for honor grad...this would result in a meretious promotion to Lance Corp (E-3). I kinda figure it would look really good when I apply for OCS later in '06.


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