Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Stealth Story about WMDs in Iraq

In a bizaar twist, a BBC article dated July 7, 2004, they say the US removed 1.77 tons of enriched urainum from Iraq: US reveals Iraq nuclear operation

The US has revealed that it removed more than 1.7 metric tons of radioactive material from Iraq in a secret operation last month.

"This operation was a major achievement," said US Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham in a statement.

He said it would keep "potentially dangerous nuclear materials out of the hands of terrorists".

Along with 1.77 tons of enriched uranium, about 1,000 "highly radioactive sources" were also removed.

The material was taken from a former nuclear research facility on 23 June, after being packaged by 20 experts from the US Energy Department's secret laboratories.

Why has no one seemed to have heard of this story? Where the heck did it come from?


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