Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Big decisions

Why is it that big decisions show up in the most sudden of ways. This morning, I recieved a call from my Officer Selection Officer letting me know that I qualified for NFO and Pilot on the ASTB (for those studying the test, I highly recommend ARCO's study book). Not only that, but one of the selectees for OCS 191 (in an NFO slot) had dropped out and next week, the board would meet to select a replacement. The Capt. was offering me a chance at competing for that slot...if I was able to provide a PFT score of 225 or better. It was a big decision to make. I'm shipping January 2nd to boot...if I were to run and mess up my leg, it may cause some problems. I tried a light jog to see if I could pull off a 3-mile run at 23 minutes...and decided it was not yet time.

Decisions like these change lives. I'll never know if I would have been selected...or would have just continued the same course...or if it would have inflamed my iliotibial band again and messed up my ablility to run. I won't know...and I have set upon this course. I have prayed often during my journey, as fog as obscured my path many times...the Lord has led me to this place, and I will continue to follow.


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