Monday, January 02, 2006

Shipping update

I was supposed to ship today...unfortunately, I ran into a problem. There was a peice of paperwork that needed to be turned in with my doctor's papers. That paper has to be okayed before I can ship, so I'm currently in limbo, awaiting word that I will be shipping as it was turned in just before the holidays.


Anonymous Daniel Cook said...

This blogsite has been awesome to read daily. When you go off to be defiled by large hairy marines, which some might people find attractive, I think you should consider asking your wife to post updates on this site about how things are going for you. Just a thought. God Bless. Go Army!

02 January, 2006 21:53  
Blogger FlaK said...

Actually, I'm sure you can recall that while I'm not large, I am most definately I'll sorta fit in.

Sarah and I have been working so that in my letters from boot, I'll be giving her info to update what all it going on. I'm also working on getting a history major (and former roomate of Sarah's)to do some posting on current events while I'm away.

Thanks for the support, though. Go Navy!

04 January, 2006 13:22  
Anonymous daniel cook said...

Unfortunately, I can remember!

04 January, 2006 21:34  

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