Sunday, May 28, 2006

Tormenting my wife from afar

So, a form of bordem has set in out here...and it has taken an evil twist. My wife and I's (is that proper grammer?) anniversary is coming up shortly, and I've found what I think will be the perfect gift. Now, my wife is the type that can't stand not opening something. I hide Christmas gifts from her and make great strides to avoid having her figure out what she's getting (going as far as plotting with her friends and sister). Well, I told her I knew what I'm getting her for our anniversary, but flat out refused to tell her what it will be...other than greatly vague clues that could describe anything from a car to an electric toothbrush.

So, she's got to wait one month for our anniversary to find out. I really hope I'm home when she sees it...that'd be the best gift of all.


Blogger sejgirl said...

>:( Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! You are evil! But I believe I have figured out the gift from all your clues. Bulky, electronic, and comes in a box: a new electric drum set! But I don't play the drums...

28 May, 2006 16:14  

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