Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wow, it's busy

Between school, work, and drill, I've been super busy. The end result is a major lack of posts. It's still going to be busy until around Thanksgiving. At any rate, here's some updates:

Marine Corps Ball is coming (yeah)
Ran a PFT today: 11 pullups, 100 crunches, and a 22:07 run. A 230...not too bad. Definately a first class.

In dumb things other people have done, we have this:Fear of injuries, suits prompts Boston area grade school to ban tag at recess
TTLEBORO, Mass. Tag is as much a tradition at recess as the lunch lady is in the cafeteria. But when youngsters at a suburban Boston school go outside, they'll get in trouble if they try to play tag.
The age-old game is now banned by the principal, who says recess is a time "when accidents can happen." Officials are also afraid if someone gets hurt, the school will get sued.

Along with tag, the youngsters can't play touch football or any other game in which they're chasing each other.

Tag bans aren't entirely unheard of across the country. As for the Attleboro, Massachusetts, school, reaction is mixed. One mom says she's seen "enough near collisions" on the playground to justify the ban. But another mom calls it an example of kids' lives being "micromanaged."

Good job. Let's not let kids figure out real-world physics, tactics, descision-making, and a mass of other social lessons, because of the remote chance some idiot lawyer might try to sue the school district. Morons.


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