Friday, December 22, 2006

Massive Update

To all, I apologize for the 9-day lapse in posts. It's been really busy and I'm just now catching back up. So what all has been going on? Well...first, my EMT-Basic license will have to wait for a bit. I passed my skills assessment, but failed my patient assessment. The skills test was specifically bleeding control and the KED (a spinal immobilization device for use on seated in cars). I knew my material there and had no problem.

The patient assessment seemed fine while I was performing it...then afterwards, I realized I made a major error. Before touching your patient, you are required to vocalize that you put on your glove and checked to see if the scene is safe. I forgot to do this...and am 99% sure I would have passed if I hadn't done so.

At the same time, I was juggling around my drill weekend. The interesting part was working for Toys-for-Tots, the Marine Reserve program to help getting toys to underpriveledged kids. If I could pass one word along, it would to be aware why these kids are getting toys from us: they can't afford thier own. If they can't afford Christmas gifts, then most likely, they do not have a playstation, PC, "Leapfrog," etc. Also they probably don't have "Talking Dora the Explorer," so don't buy the clothing that goes with it unless you tape it to "Talking Dora the Explorer."

I would suggest, to get stuff for the older kids. Infant to 10 are always plentiful...but the 12 year-olds and up get the shaft. I would suggest inexpensive bookshelf stereos or walkman CD players as exellent donation items.

Anyway, I'm signed up for a retest of my patient assessment next on January 6, so I hope to get my license done and out of the way.


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