Monday, April 16, 2007

OCS Prep Weekend

It's been a really busy couple weeks here, as I've assembled my OCS package. The end result is a rather large lack of blog posts.

Anyway, my CO approved of a deal to get me to an OCS prep weekend in place of my normal drill. The end result was a weekend with lots of yelling and lots of fun (if you like punishing physical training).

As I have experianced two previous "pick-ups" (where you are released into the care of your dirll/sergeant instructors), the one performed at OCS prep was nothing new. Being the only prior-enlisted to quickly respond, I ended up being the guide. My first squad-leader was a prior navy and the remander were picked at random.

As it was my leadership score that suffered at OCS, I was pleased with the opportunity to practice leading and planning. This effort was reinforced when, due to accomodations limits ended up sending myself and 10 other candidate poolees to another barracks.

The end result. I enjoyed myself in the role as guide. I got people to where they needed to be when they needed to be there.

In addition, I busted out my fastest 3-mile run. A 20:26, beating my run back at MCRD San Diego by a good 14 seconds and my previous package time by 41 seconds. This led to my current PFT score of 255. Makes me happy. Who knows, I might break into the 19s by the time I finish my second attempt at OCS...


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