Saturday, July 28, 2007

On to week 9...

Well, we received our grades for our main leadership grades, and I'm very happy with them. I'm definitely going to leave here a 2nd Lt unless something dramatic happens. Even better, Sarah is in the same boat.

Many have commented that I am crazy to have come here twice. I don't know why, but I believe there is a reason I came here both times. Perhaps it was a timing issue, or I was to help another candidate through. Who knows, but it has worked out the way it has. So be it. The net effect on me is a deep look into my own leadership style and the route to self-improvement. This has sparked some level of fascination with leadership. I still plan on getting my MBA, but believe there could be some interesting opportunities in terms of a doctoral study on leadership and it's application to the civilian world.

Anyway, it's still on for another week of training hard. This week has the final PFT (I'm hoping to finally break into the 19s for the 3 mile run), the e-course (anything faster than a 36 minute time would be an improvement for this obsticle-filled boots n'utes run), and the 12-mile hump. There's lots of admin stuff as we begin to move on to The Basic School (the 6 month course that teaches you to become an Officer of Marines). Lots to do and only 2 weeks until graduation.

I'm continually amazed how fast OCS makes time fly. It's really amazing. Most of the events have turned into a mass blur. Word has it that TBS is the same way. Craziness.


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