Monday, May 07, 2007

A letter to my rep

In response to this bill, I wrote my Congressman:

To the Honorable Mr. Hulshof,

I wish to let you know of my disfavor with an upcoming piece of legislation. The bill, H. R. 1595, is a "War Reparations" Bill in which the United States government is to pay survivors and descendants of those harmed by the Japanese Imperial Army. As a Marine, I am very aware of our history in the Pacific. Do the sponsors feel that the sacrifices made by my predecessors is not enough? If the survivors and descendants of those harmed during the fights for and occupation of Guam want war reparations, why are they not seeking them from the source of the pain. Funding reparations from those who did not instigate the action is wrong-headed and makes no logical sense.

As a fan of fiscal responsibility, I feel that the actions of those involved with this bill are misdirected.

Thank you for your time.
I decided that I need to actually write my representatives...and so this is my first letter.


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