Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another arguement for more widespread Conceal and Carry

At Classically Liberal, there's an excellent post on mass shootings that were stopped...by armed citizens:

It was January 16, 2002 when Peter Odighizuwa came to campus. He had been suspended due to failing grades. Odighizuwa was angry and waving a gun calling on students to “come get me”. The students, seeing the gun, ran. A shooting spree started almost immediately. In seconds Odighizuwa had killed the school dean, a professor and one student. Three other students were shot as well, one in the chest, one in the stomach and one in the throat.

Many students heard the shots. Two who did were Mikael Gross and Tracy Bridges. Mikael was outside the school having just returned to campus from lunch when he heard the shots. Tracy was inside attending class. Both immediately ran to their cars. Each had a handgun locked in the vehicle.

Bridges pulled a .357 Magnum pistol and he later said he was prepared to shoot to kill if necessary. He and Gross both approached Odighizuwa at the same time from different directions. Both were pointing their weapons at him. Bridges yelled for Odighizuwa to drop his weapon. When the shooter realized they had the drop on him he threw his weapon down. A third student, unarmed, Ted Besen, approached the killer and was physically attacked.
Read it all and understand.


Blogger Nate said...

With more strict laws about gun ownership Mr. Odighizuwa may not have had a gun in the first place. Same could be said for the VT psycho.

02 May, 2007 14:18  
Blogger FlaK said...

The problem lies in that those determined to do harm to others will find a way (heck, the VT freak posed with a claw hammer). More gun control only really limits those who obey the law...while those who choose to ignore the whole thing about murder being illegal have no problem acquiring their weapons in any way necessary.

The main point from this article is that there were several incidents where law-abiding citizens with weapons headed off what could have been a situation with just as many or more deaths as the VT murders. The police can only respond so fast and barricading or running is not always an option.

06 May, 2007 22:10  

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