Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Corps Dichotomy

One think I love about the Marine Corps is the group pride in our extensive training all Marines go through. The newly enlisted go through 12 weeks of training at one of the Recruit Depots (longest of all the services) followed by 4 weeks of Marine Combat Training and their job (MOS) school or 7 weeks at the School of Infantry. New officers go through 10 weeks of screening before heading to The Basic School for six months followed by their MOS school. The end result is a well trained Marine that may not be heavily experienced, but has the tools to be successful.

This pattern follows throughout the Corps. The desire to be the best drives more and more subject matter to be pushed into the period of instruction. There is a downfall. Eventually, there is too much information to pass...or too many events for the time allotted. Really, it comes down to the difficult balance that every organization must maintain. It is this balance that I think would be fascinating to delve deep into. My future role may even help shape my own unit's take on this balance. Hmmm...maybe I have the beginnings of my MBA thesis...


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