Sunday, November 18, 2007

Range Week

This week was range week for Alpha Company at TBS. A long hard week with 16-hour days and lots of running with full gear (probably about 20-25 additional pounds). The end result being qualified to use the M16 and M9 (pistol).

Here we are at the 200-yard line. Marine Corps rifle qual consists of a 200-yard slow fire and rapid fire, a 300-yard slow fire and rapid fire, and a 500-yard slow fire (at 500 yards, the front sight post is larger than the target). This picture was during the 200-yard slow fire while I was at the kneeling. I ended up with a 223 out of 250 which would have qualified me as expert under the old system...but now there's an extra step in the qual that covers combat marksmanship, so I have to wait until tuesday next week to find out what badge I wear with my service alphas and dress blue bravos.

Here's a short video of how the rapid-fire drills work.

You have 30-seconds to take 10 well aimed shots. It's harder than it sounds...and if you didn't make all the right adjustments during the slow fire time, you'll be hurting for points.

I don't have video of pistol qual, but I did make sharpshooter (the quals are, lowest to highest, marksman, sharpshooter, and expert). I was pleasantly surprized due to some trouble I had at the begining...mostly due to some bad habits I started with my civilian weapon (a Glock 23C). My other weapon (the AK) actually helped me a lot. Due to the usual civilian range setup, I could only really do a good standing position, so that's what I practiced...a lot. In addition, the AK is much heavier toward the front, making it more difficult to keep it still. All-in-all, I'm glad to have done this well. I feel much better about my marksmanship skills.

Well, MCMAP is up next for training, so I will be working on getting the crap kicked out of me next. Fun...


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