Monday, January 21, 2008

Of Challenges and Obsticles

Life has always thrown rocks my I believe is true with most people. The hard part is how do you deal with them. It's tempting to run away from them, or otherwise give up. The challenge is to persevere despite what opposes you...or the pain. It gets very difficult sometimes and then you begin to doubt yourself. It is those times it is absolutely critical to get back up, after life has kicked you over and over again. I'm going through one of those times now, but I believe I will learn something from it. I know I'll see what the lesson is soon enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are such a wise man for your age.Too bad some have not learned what you have. Don't ever give up, trust God, and be open to yourself.I'll be praying for you and Sarah this week. luvya, mum

23 January, 2008 21:13  

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