Monday, February 18, 2008

DC Night Tour

After leaving the art museum, it was getting pretty dark. We decided we would take a "quick" tour to the North and visit our boss's house.

We headed South and East to the new (to us) World War II memorial. It's very pretty at night, but the presence of a million teenagers (on some sort of tour) was far from quiet.

We continued on to the Lincoln Memorial where we saw this sight:

An then on into the memorial itself. I was pretty impressed.

We headed back home, walking by the Vietnam Memorial. I stopped and looked through the many names there. I found three Scroggins that had served in the Marine Corps. I had to wonder if we were related (my great-grandfather ran away from home when he was young). I also stopped and read a Navy Cross citation someone had left at the wall. From there we headed back to the Metro for the long ride home.


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That is very cool.

18 February, 2008 16:00  

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