Monday, February 18, 2008

Roaming DC

While living in VA, we've been trying to visit all the places we would want to while being so close to DC. Unfortunately, our schedule is so crazy, we're pretty limited on when we can do this. Being President's day weekend, we actually had time. So, step right up and we'll walk you through our journey.

We started with the National Archives. Every time we had gone to DC before, the line was ridiculously long. Since we had sworn our lives to uphold and protect the Constitution, we wanted to see the document.

They were arranged in chronological order. So it started with the Declaration of Independence:

Unfortunately, the Constitution itself was not there.

But, the Bill of Rights was there.

Well, we didn't see the Constitution. Maybe next time. We then wandered through some of the exhibits at the Archives, and I was pretty impressed. It had some pretty good and very interesting displays there. They also had the best gift shop by far. Continued next post.


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That is awesome!

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