Thursday, July 14, 2005


I was going to wait until later to blog, but this was way too good to ignore right now...children of the 80's rejoice, there will be a new transformers movie next July 4th!

Transformers, the long-planned, live-action movie based on the robot-morphing cartoon, comic and toy franchise, will roll into theaters July 4, 2007, DreamWorks and Paramount Pictures announced Wednesday.
Michael Bay (The Island, The Rock) will direct;
Steven Spielberg will executive produce.

Children of the 1980s likely will be champing at the tie-in lunchbox.

"The diehard fans will like it as long as it stays true to Transformers roots and doesn't stray too far from the ideals that we grew up with," Brendan Reilly, co-Webmaster of The Transformers Archive (, said in an email interview about the movie announcement. "The casual or un-familar fan will need to see something awesome to win them over, although a 40-foot robot is usually pretty cool."

If they screw up, there'll be a lot of upset 80's kids...but I'm hoping Steven Spielberg will keep it good. With shows like Animanics and Tiny Toon Adventures under his belt, he's definately had some winners. As for Michael Bay, I really don't know that much about him. I did like the Rock...except for the over the top use of the f-word (I know some pretty profane people, but none of them says it every other word). Anyway, we'll see next Independance Day.


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