Saturday, July 02, 2005

Why the Right Hate the Radical Left

This rather disturbing post at indymedia (a far left site) illustrates the contempt the radical leftists have for the very system that made the United States the great nation it is today.

This July 4th is Flag Burning Day!

Every summer good Americans don their best red white and blue, and gorge themselves on beer and hotdogs to celebrate our independence from England, but from its very beginnings this country has been built on illegitimacies. The Indians helped the first few pilgrims to survive on thanksgiving and in return the colonialist settlers massacred the natives, stole their land and declared themselves sovereign. The “Fore Fathers” were the colonial American elite; they were among the richest men in the new country. The British King restricted them from taking some Indian land, so they revolted promising many of the soldiers large parcels of land in payment for fighting. Perhaps the slave holding founders had noble intentions when they constructed a system of governance that limited its own power, but even before its independence the state was just the strong-arm of big business. And since then the government has only grown more and more coercive in its aim of imposing American corporate interests everywhere it can around the world, so when the leaders talk about how “Independence Day” is all about freedom and democracy it reeks of hypocrisy. July 4th has only ever symbolized the independence of the New World royalty. So on this Fourth of July we call on you to express your feelings on their “Independence Day” by burning a flag in a nationally coordinated action. Together we will show the elite that we are everywhere and that we completely reject the false principals this holiday is based on.

After I cooled off a bit, I re-read it. The point that every anti-capitalist seems to completely miss is that every single person (even the indians) could work to earn start their own business. The keyword is opportunity. Every company in the US didn't magically was worked for. People saw opportunity and grabbed it. There are no slaves on which this system's purely the motivation to succeed. This system rewards those who work hard. The only benefit I see in a socialist system is you don't have to work hard to get the same where's the motivation to succeed, to do well? With nothing to work toward, you end up with lower productivity.

Anyway, when it comes to this July the 4th, I plan on saluting the founders of our wonderful country, the men and woman throughout history who fought for it, the great freedom we all have, and God for the opportunites we have here today. With that, I'll ignore the insulant toads like this one.


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