Saturday, August 13, 2005

PFT Update

I have a new update I my Marine PFT (physical fitness test). Today, I busted out 8 pull-ups, which at 5 points apiece puts my current score to 170. To enter OCS, I need be competative, 225. I suspect having a bunch of people around will boost my score some (can't beat the male ego for initiative). My current goal for Jan 15 (shipping date for OCS) is 250. I'm getting really close.

The next few weeks, I'll be adding some more miles to my running program. Before, I was running about 9 miles a week. This next week, I'll be adding one mile of "speed laps." After some research, I found that an important part of decreasing mile times is to "teach" your body what it feels like to run certain speeds, so at this point, I'll be starting with tuesday with a "speed-mile" where I'll attept to run one mile at a 7-minute pace. The week after, I'll do that both tuesday and thursday. Not only does this increase my weekly milage, but it also gives me time to find faster pacing...and hopefully increases my ability to use such pacing.


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