Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Marine Update

Theres some possibly good news for me in my endevor to become a marine officer! I just recieved word that I need to get my blood pressure checked at a doctor's office three days in a row (my reading at MEPS was kinda bad...like 173/115 at it's worst...146/86 at it's best, though I think much of that was due to some anxiety issues). This means they didn't think it was a complete waste of time to toss me out due to my leg (I have a metal plate and 7 screws just above my ankle due to a break I had in college). This is good news.

I want this...and I want it badly. I'm going to really try to put into words for my "Why I want to become a Marine Corps Officer." If I can put it well enough, I'll probably do alright. I'm also going to have to really push my physical fitness training...hard.


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