Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Democrats Define the Word "Petty"

In what has to be a new level of pettiness, the DNC makes this press release:

Doctors gave President Bush a clean bill of health in his annual checkup this weekend and White House spokesperson Dana Perino proclaimed him to be "in superior health." However, America's youth are not so lucky. While obesity has been declared an epidemic in this country, Bush's education policy is putting children at risk with cuts in physical education and school athletic programs.

Well, concidering that health is mostly made up of lifestyle choices (do I exercise...or eat a whole bag of M&Ms...or both?), this whole press release defines new bounderies to the term "stretching it." Blaming cutbacks on PE classes for the rise of obesity is rediculous. As I recall, until I reached college, the large chunk of PE classes were spend on drug and sex education (much of the latter, thanks to dumb "progressive" policies that seem to think parents can't do this). The rest consisted of running around the track or playing basketball. Maybe if the DNC actually had something useful to say, I would listen. For the time being, I'll be planning my run for tommorrow followed by some more pull-ups.


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