Monday, September 19, 2005

Gore opens mouth - my head explodes

Former VP Al Gore has spoken. Hilarity ensues. In particular, two separate comments. The first:

Hurricane Katrina offered “a taste” of the disasters, and the response to them, that the US could expect as a consequence of climate change, former vice president Al Gore said on Saturday.

He cited recent research that found warmer sea surface temperatures - a result of global warming - had strengthened hurricanes and major storms around the world.


He said: “Katrina is the first sip, the first taste, of a bitter cup that will be proffered to us over and over again. It is up to us [to tackle climate change], and it does involve accepting that there is a legitimate role for government.”

I think Mr. Gore watched The Day After Tommorrow a few too many times.

Second comment:

Speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, where climate change was one of the key issues under discussion, he also criticised those politicians he said wanted to trim government too far, as weak government was incapable of responding adequately to emergencies. about bloated and corrupt government was incapable of responding adequately. How about we start with some pork programs...dump them...and feed some tax dollars into emergency programs. Then we cut some more pork programs and perform some more tax cuts. Then we cut social security and other "hidden" taxes. Then we cut down and limit social/welfare programs. Now we have a leaner faster responding government. Create cross-training programs between federal and state agencies, and now we're good to go...and we also get some tax relief for some extra Christmas spending.


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