Saturday, September 24, 2005

Marine Dropship - here we come!

Apparently, the Marine Corps has been looking into deploying...from space. Now what may have inspired this may have been the butt-kicking dropships from Aliens...but it's still a cool concept. Oh, yeah, so here's the link to the article: Marines in Spaaaaaace!

The effort is called "Hot Eagle," and it could be the first step forward in the Marine Corps' hopes for space travel. Within minutes of bursting into the atmosphere beyond the speed of sound -- and dispatching that ominous sonic boom -- a small squad of Marines could be on the ground and ready to take care of business within 2 hours.

The Marine Corps calls the concept the Small Unit Space Transport and Insertion Capability (Sustain). This plan, a growing group of Marine supporters say, is the natural evolution of the service's proclivity for expeditionary warfare that began decades ago with amphibious landings...

It may not be ready for mainstream, it just doesn't have that "Marine" look to it.

Maybe if it can look like this:

That looks "Marine-like." For those who haven't seen it, that is the Marine Dropship from the movie Aliens.


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