Friday, September 23, 2005

The obscenity is in the mirror...

Frontpage magazine had this article that had this section:

The crowd rose to its feet and howled its approval when Boston City Councilman Chuck Turner took the stage categorizing America as "an obscenity". Said Turner, "The reality is, we have to cleanse the soul of America. Our soul is covered in militarism, economic exploitation and racism. We need to cleanse ourselves. We need to acknowledge the obscenity that America is. We need to acknowledge that people around the world acknowledge that America the beautiful is America the obscene...we are obscene, we are a joke to the rest of the world." Turner then went on to claim that local, state and federal officials plotted and carried out the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King. When he said this, many people in the crowd nodded in agreement. Turner left the stage to a thunderous ovation.

I think this man needs to look in the mirror to find an obscenity. It saddens me to no end that this man was given an ovation of any kind. A good hard slap sounds a whole lot better.


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