Thursday, September 22, 2005

Maxing out!

I have been working on increasing my PFTs and have hit my first major marker. Back in March, I could only do 35 crunches before I couldn't do anymore. Today, I hit 100...this maxes out that particular exercise for the Marine PFT. Now, some of my older readers my remember the routine I've been using to increase my crunches...well, I hit my goal there as well. I just busted out 178 crunches in 6 minutes. I busted out a 100/50/28. What's that mean? Well, I did 100 crunches in 2 minutes. I rested for two minutes and then did 50 in one minute. After a minute rest, I did 28 in 30 seconds.

I'll be working on a way to start maintaince as soon as I can consistantly hit 100. Next up, pull-ups and run...


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