Thursday, September 01, 2005

More Looney Leftist Protesting

I wish these people would drop the pretense of "supporting the troops." What they do makes no sense to me. Now they're protesting an air show featuring the Blue Angels:

On Sat., Sept. 10th, Maine Veterans for Peace will be joined by other major peace and justice groups (see list of co-sponsors below) in a massive protest: . to protest the false god idolatry of the Blue Angels Air Show, whose "ooh-&-aah"performances have one purpose: to promote badly-lagging military recruitment to protest the obscene waste of American tax dollars to stage these Blue Angels' multi-million dollar extravaganzas . to protest Bush's immoral, monomaniacal Iraq war -- nearly 1,900 U.S. and 100,000 Iraqi civilians dead, at a cost of over $300 billion, and still counting . to protest NASB's complicity with the war machine, providing surveillance aircraftto target ground forces, which in the end cause horrendous "collateral damage" . to challenge NASB to convert to peaceful purposes, creating good-paying high-tech/industrial jobs, making products that improve lives, not end them

Captain's Quarters also notes that Leftist Matriarch Cindy Sheehan will be on hand.


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