Monday, August 29, 2005

I can see for miles and miles and miles...

I ran another 4-miler with my wife. Unfortunately, she got a pain in her calf, so she had to slow down to a walk. Our pace was somewhere in the mid-to-high 9 min/mile pace...but once again, this was supposed to be an easy run to build our base mileage (it was really tempting to put in a last minute sprint, I decided I'll feel enough by friday...speedwork day).

On Wednesday, I'll be running a faster-paced 3 mile. Hopefully, I'll see a return to some of my previous least back to a sub-8min/mile pace.

Tommorrow, I'll be doing the weightlifting component of my workout and resting the pull-ups and crunches for now. I might actually have to post up my weight routine since I've put up some much else.


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