Thursday, August 18, 2005

Rain, Rain go away, I want to run today.

It's raining again, and thus I'm stuck inside. The good news is that next week, the gym at the local community college opens up and I can use the treadmill on days like today. It probably is for the best that I'm not running my full schedual, as I'm still breaking in my new running shoes (as evidenced by the nice blister I recieved for running 3 miles on tuesday). Perhaps it'll clear up tonight for a run. We'll see.

I'm continuing my crunch workout and here's my latest numbers:
2min - 70
1min - 31
30sec - 13

This is a good improvement on all numbers, but I've got quite a distance to go to consistantly hit 100 on my 2 min. I'll get there.


Blogger lewissmith65367442 said...

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18 August, 2005 08:15  
Blogger FlaK said...

Awwwwwright. Spam comments! I can't get enough of these in my e-mail, so I get more here. Fun stuff.

19 August, 2005 13:35  

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