Friday, August 19, 2005

What'd I do!?

I busted out my fastest time ever for a 3-mile...a 23:12. I'd have to say there was one main I borrowed my wife's mp3 player and was enjoying the motivation given by the random list of songs. Green Day's "Welcom to Paradise" gave way to Jars of Clay's "Flood." DC Talk's "Jesus Freak" provided a random sprint opportunity(guitar/drum solo). Before I knew it...I was done. Every time I began to slow, I quickly noticed it because of the music's steady beat.

I suspect this is pretty close to what my actual PFT time will be, as having a bunch of people around will increase my motivation (like I've said before, can't beat the male ego for motivation) and the fact that I will be aware that it counts for something.

I'm now trying to decide if I should change my running program or not. Running my 3-mile three times a week has the effect of highlighting my potential PFT scores. However, it doesn't change much in the way I try to drop times...and it really doesn't increase my mileage like I know I need to do. Then again, as of today, I've shaved off a minute and a half since I really started trying to keep time about a month ago.

Oh, I didn't get away scott free. My blister made a nasty return, and I recieved a nice runner's cramp for the last 2/3 of my 3rd mile. Oddly, enough, I think I can push harder (...oh, yeah, easy enough for me to say now that I've cooled off). If I can snip another minute or two, I think that'll help me out tremendously.

Well, decisions, decisions.


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