Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Oh, yeah...I almost forgot

At my last doctor's appointment, he informed me that I was 20 lbs overweight. For those that have never met, you'll have to use your imagniation for now. For those of you who haven't seen me since I've been exercising, I've thinned out a bit since I left Olathe. For the people who I tell that to in person, the general reaction has been for the eyes to bulge, mouth to drop, and an incredulous "What!?" to explode out.

My doctor based this on a BMI (body mass index) chart that said that my 5'8.5" height put my maxium weight at 160 lbs. As of my MEPS physical, I weigh 179. I have decided that I trust the BMI reading (overfat) about as much as I would trust a brick flying over a greenhouse. My personal goal is actually to lose about 9 lbs. Now that the local gym I goto has reopened after a 3-week break, I'm hoping to start my upper body program back up. I've found that these weight lifting sessions really help out with my pull/push-ups and am definately looking forward to the benefits that will show up in my PFT score.


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