Thursday, March 02, 2006

Laundry Letter

I have to say it's awesome that I get letters from Aaron about twice a week. I wish I could share everything, but I would be typing for hours! I love getting his letters and I hope you enjoy them as well.

Hey Love!
Another laundry letter. Things are going well. Physically, I am tired, but mentally, I feel good. I'm looking forward to getting to Phase II. Phase I (the first 4 weeks) sucks! ...Can't wait to wash myself instead of having the DI's do it.

We have initial drill coming up. If we're good, we might get to call home. I don't remember if I told you we lost four recruits to failing the drug test and one to a criminal record. We pick up two recruits. One was in medical for a month with Bronchitis. The other got into some sort of fight with his DI.

I'm amazed at the amount of mail I've gotten. I love getting letters! Today was my first chance to send some to others.

I managed to avoid anyone finding out my birthday...though I had some close calls with some cards-my grandma sent me $5. They like to 'celebrate' your birthday with 2 hours of firewatch [patroling the area while everyone else sleeps].

I ran the O-course a couple of times now. It's not too bad now...still tiring though. Oh, I got weight yesterday: 169lbs. I've lost 15lbs since I've been here. I think most of it is the high activity level. Mostly marching around in boots...which are heavy. With boots and "water bowls" (canteens), I can do 7 pull ups...after doing lots of exercises for PT that day.

Oh, I almost forget my brainwashing. One of the DIs started talking about it and was tearing up everything about people who say it happens here [that Drill Instructors brainwash recruits-they don't]. Funny stuff...The drill instructors are starting to lighten up some...though I stress 'some.' But, you had better not laugh at them.

I got IT'd (Intensive Physical Training-also known as "The House of Pain"). You just do whatever combination of push ups, crunches, mountain climbers, etc. that the drill instructors scream at you to do.

I'm hoping to aim for sqaud leader sometime soon, but I need to work at being louder and perfecting my drill moves. I feel like I could direct the jobs that need to be done without a problem.

I got my BCGs (Battle Combat Glasses - aka. Birth Control Glasses) and they are so anti-sexy it's horrific. They're huge!


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