Friday, January 20, 2006

Thinking to the future

One thing my wife and I have always planned for is retirement. Before we were married, I invested a small portion of my paycheck into a retirement fund (at the time $100 a month pre-tax). After marraige, we opened a roth IRA as a general fund and continue feeding her pension. Yesterday, I recieved my annual report from my old retirement plan and was shocked by something included inside. It reported the averages for several groups:

I've always planned for the future, but I was shocked to learn that I was over average in contributing to my retirement while I was working and barely able to pay my bills. Currently, my wife and I are well over average in our age group...and we're at the "bottom" of the age side. This is scary to me. What are these people going to do in the future?

Just a friendly reminder...plan your retirement now, so you don't have to work as a greeter at WalMart until you're 75.


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