Saturday, January 28, 2006

Off to Boot

Aaron left Wednesday for Basic Training. There were two other Marine Recruits, one Navy Recruit, and about 30 Army Recruits shipping that day. Aaron's commercial flight left around 6:30pm. Apparently, Recruits arrive at night to give the psychological aspect that the drill sergents are the only other people in the world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is JT. You can be assured that Sherry and I will be praying for Scroggy on a regular basis. I really wish I could join him.

01 February, 2006 07:28  
Blogger sejgirl said...

Thank you for the prayers and support, JT. Aaron is having a lot of fun even though it's really hard. I am doing my best to post letters and keep everyone up to date.

02 March, 2006 17:12  

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