Friday, June 09, 2006

Ah...the weekend...oh, wait...

Well, after a crazy week of training, concluding in an awesome (and too short) field experiance, I made it to the weekend relatively intact. Unfortunately, I have 8 hours of firewatch this weekend (again). The nice part it's two seperate 4 hour shifts instead of the 8-hour crazyness that was last weekend. I should be able to get some stuff done and relax this time.

My awesome field work was a demonstration of what my MOS does in the field: construct, operate, and maintain telephones for the Marine Corps. I really enjoyed getting everything together and having a working phone system up in the middle of the desert. Fun stuff.

Anyway, we're getting close to being done. Less than two weeks, and I'll get to see my wife (...and drive the Z). The most important part, that I'll be home in time for our anniversary. I can't wait.


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