Friday, October 27, 2006

A waste of time

While doing my ambulance clinical, we hit a slow time and had no calls. After cleaning the ambulance and kitchen, there wasn't much to do. So the crew rented a couple of movies. One was "The Hills have Eyes." After a long hiatus of horror film watching (mainly due to my wife's abhorrence of gore), I've decided I haven't missed much.

The movie was a complete waste of time. Filled with old and well used stories from the 50's era atomic fearfests and massive plot holes, it was a tedious workout to watch. I ended up saying things like "good job moron, you're dead" or "yeah, stabbing him in the freaking leg with a screwdriver was *REAL* time try something that might actually kill him." The people are utterly the point where you don't feel bad that they died. The bad guys are a cross between low grade morons and magical, omnipotent they'll pull brilliant tricks followed by completely idiotic moves (yeah, chase the guy with a gun).

I guess my frustration is whatever happened to the "good" bad guys. The alien in the first Alien movie was intellegent and sneaky. Signs freaked you out by just blowing wind through corn. Here was just a lot of gross stuff...gross, not scary. The third time you see some poor sap get a miner's pick put through his head, it gets old. Oh, well. I guess this means I still love my Hitchcock movies and old twilight zone episodes (Christmas gift hints).


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