Friday, August 17, 2007

Now you can see it.

I finally got some downtime (well, maybe some time to procrastinate some), so I can finally post this up. Here's the pinning of our 2nd Lieutenant bars. Instead of waiting around the crowded flags in the main atrium that most pinned their bars on in front of, we moved deeper into the museum to the first flag raised over Iwo Jima...a well suited place to become a 2nd Lt:

The flash came from someone walking by and taking random pictures. After my bars were set, Sarah recieved hers:

I still don't feel like an officer yet. That whole candidate mode hasn't left me yet...and to some degree my Lance Corporal mode hasn't either.

Currently, we're still in the mad dash to pack up everything for our move to Stafford, VA, where our new apartment lies. It's a beautiful place that will hopefully act as a good R&R spot while we begin our time at The Basic School...the next step in our training. The Basic School will actually teach us what we need to know to become fleet-ready Marine Officers. After completing TBS, we go to our MOS school...or our job school. It is likely that we will get deployed in some fashion after our MOS school for a year...and then, we begin to drill like other reservists. It's a long haul ahead, but I believe it will hold many important lessons and events for both our lives. All in all, I look forward to what God plans for us. It's an adventurous road that we've embraced, but someone has got to do it.


Anonymous Bret said...

hey it's bret., found your blog thingy. congrats again on finishing OCS!!

19 August, 2007 17:57  

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