Friday, January 25, 2008

My Tactical Billet

At TBS, we receive billets (jobs) that we prepare and fill so our leadership can be evaluated. The usual is one tactical (field) and one garrison. I performed my tactical billet this week as a PL (patrol leader); basically a squad leader performing a security patrol. I found it very challenging, but believe I did well.

Tactical billets can basically be broken into two sections: the 5-paragraph order and the action taken (be it a patrol, ambush, defense, etc). I feel that my order went really well. I knew my area of operations and its features by memory. I rehearsed my terrain model orientation in the shower the night before and the morning of my order. I was confident in the details of each section.

Things got a little rougher after the order. The loading and unloading of the helicopters went well, but seemed to kill some of the momentum once we hit the LZ. In general, I'm happy with the way our patrol worked. We got the drop and ambushed several other patrols, and only had one that really got us unprepared. I'll get my official evaluation next week.

Now, what I will always remember is calling in the helos and then the rush of running up to the bird. The wind from the rotors blowing every direction and the defending noise/pressure as you near the ramp at the rear. It was an awesome that I'll remember forever.

As a sad side note, in my preparation to be PL, I left my camera at the barracks, so I don't have any cool video. Hopefully, I'll be able to bring it for FEX 3 (our next helo insert).


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