Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to keep your Marraige (or not)

I saw this blog post about an MSNBC article that claims that you must resort to childish and nasty actions to make sure your husband helps out around the house(the article claims this...the blog post is good to go). I dunno about you, but using child-like actions seems like a recipe for a horrid relationship to me. Between Sarah and I, we have jobs we enjoy/dislike, and pretty much divvy them up accordingly. I hate folding laundry, but will keep up with the machine. I actually enjoy vacuuming and can organize the paperwork/finances. She's awesome at keeping the bathroom clean. I see it as part of my job as a husband to help out around the house. We both work, so we can both lend a hand. She doesn't have to guilt trip me, or withhold "nooky" as the article suggests. I'd like to think of it as acting like an adult...or being considerate. Acting childish and immature is...well...childish. I'm just glad I don't pay much attention to some of these "help" columnists anymore.


Blogger sejgirl said...

Marry Me!

22 April, 2008 20:21  
Blogger FlaK said...

Too late.

23 April, 2008 16:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the first part of the column was good but then it went down hill from there. Perhaps there are better ways to deal with household chores.

I will not marry you.

24 April, 2008 13:24  

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