Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ignorance is bliss...for some.

I have to be careful sometimes. One of the big rules of blogging is to never blog angry. I waited a day, but this subject still irritates me. Instapundit pointed to this article about the Marine Corps exceeding it's recruiting goals for the month. Aside from the "recruiting is easier in a slow economy" comment which doesn't really jive with the 5% unemployment rate we're at, my curiosity got the best of me and checked the comments. One of the more persistent myths I'm seeing throughout is the idea that the military accepts high school drop-outs. As of 2003, 85% of the general population has graduated high school. 96% of the those in the Marines have graduated high school as of 2004. Those that don't graduate must get a GED (3%). Those who are home schooled must earn additional college credit. The idea that the military is made up of unschooled morons is completely out of touch with reality...but it remains a stalwart claim of many...many that must not know much about the military or rely on hearsay. I would challenge them, go get to know some in the military. It would prevent asinine drivel like this comment:

Mission accomplished by lowering the standards. You no longer have to be a high school grad, nor does a criminal record bar you from joining up. In fact, a criminal record may in fact be a recommendation for the kinds of acts Marines perpetrate in Iraq and other places.


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